Router Bits

Flooring/ V Panel Set

SKUs for this product:
MC-59-040, MT-59-040, PC-19-040, PT-19-040

Reversible Patern Detail

SKUs for this product:
MC-61-001, MT-61-001, MC-61-002, MT-61-002, MC-61-003, MT-61-003

  After machining two pieces of wood~ one piece may be inverted and plugged into its mate~ forming a matched joint.

Window Sash Set

SKUs for this product:
MC-67-020, MT-67-020, PC-27-020, PT-27-020


Optional rub spacer available for M-50 and P-10 series cope & pattern sets. Replaces center cutter on cope side.

SKUs for this product:
AM-50-806, AP-10-806, AM-50-807, AP-10-807


SKUs for this product:
AP-91-016-XL, AP-91-017, AP-92-017

Rub Collar

SKUs for this product:
AP-90-040, AP-90-058, AP-90-060

Shaper Guage

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Cope and Pattern

SKUs for this product:
MC-50-060, MT-50-060, PC-10-060, PT-10-060, MC-50-070, MT-50-070, PC-10-070, PT-10-070

  Versatile and easy-to-use. These 6 cutter sets are designed to perform the 3 functions shown. Our standard sets cut 1/4" wide x 3/8" deep tongue and groove.

Our common minor diameter requires NO fence adjustment when changing from cope to pattern cuts (3/8" tongue only). Counterclockwise rotation


Double Sided Cope and Pattern 8 Cutter Set

Standard sets cut 1/4" x 5/8" or 1/2" x 5/8" deep tongue and groove. Mini- Pro is not to be used on 1/2" spindle. These 8 piece cutter sets are built to cut both 1-3/8" passage doors and 1-3/4" entry doors simply by changing the centercutters.

SKUs for this product:
MC-51-060, MT-51-060, PC-11-060, PT-11-060, MC-51-070, MT-51-070, PC-11-070, PT-11-070

Raised Panel Shaper Cutters

SKUs for this product:
MC-54-010, MT-54-010, PC-14-010, PT-14-010, MC-54-011, MT-54-011, PC-14-011, PT-14-011, MC-54-012, MT-54-012, PC-14-012, PT-14-012, MC-54-013, MT-54-013, PC-14-013, PT-14-013, MC-55-010, MT-55-010, PC-15-010, PT-15-010, MC-55-011, MT-55-011, PC-15-011, PT-15-011, MC-55-012, MT-55-012, PC-15-012, PT-15-012, MC-55-013, MT-55-013, PC-15-013, PT-15-013

  Our raised panel cutters are manufactured with 15º SHEAR to produce optimum cuts both with and across the grain. Counterclockwise rotation with wood fed face up.